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Ishtar Gate (Babylon)

Ishtar Gate (Babylon)
An idea for a historical series for Lego Architecture

The Ishtar Gate was the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon It was constructed c. 569 BC by order of King Nebuchadnezzar II on the north side of the city. It was part of a grand walled processional way leading into the city.

The original structure was a double gate with a smaller frontal gate and a larger, more grandiose secondary posterior section. The walls were finished in glazed bricks mostly blue, with animals and deities (also made up of coloured bricks) in low relief at intervals. The gate was 50 feet (15 meters) high, and the original foundations extended another 45 feet (14 meters) underground.

It's a good idea to share cultural and historical knowledge through Lego
Idea for LEGO Architecture set

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