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Medieval Inn by the Gatehouse


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This is my creation of a medieval inn by the castle gatehouse.

It is an inn, where knights, merchants, mercenaries, noblemen or peasants of all kinds stop by to have a meal and refreshment after long journey from the countryside. It is located strategically next to the castle gatehouse, which consists of two watch towers staffed with diligent bowmen.

I built this set because i really love the aesthetic look of medieval houses - with wooden column, wooden window frame, beautiful masonry brick wall and iconic roofs for different buildings. I also love the classic castle wall, keep, and gatehouse with grey-ish brick walls. In this build, i seek to combine the best of the two within a 32 x 32 baseplate.

As always, trees and foliage are great decoration of LEGO buildings, and such medieval building can always feature beautiful greeneries - on the roof, by the balcony, by the wall. There is also an impromptu mini marketplace by the tree next to the gatehouse, where a merchant sells a range of items from fresh apples, wine, sword, spear and axe!

The castle gatehouse is guarded by the red lion knights - today they welcome two visitors from their allies - the blue trout knights - who strode in gracefully on their white horses through the gatehouse. A mercenary who just picked up his reward exited the Inn. The graceful lady owner of the inn stood by the second floor walkway and welcomed the visitors.

I believe this set could make a good LEGO set by combining the popular medieval building and the classic castle build, and it can complement all classic castle and medieval sets well, and continue the resurgence of the popular medieval/castle theme. Thank you for your support!

Feb 2023 update: added interior details - first level of inn sells armor and weapons, and is connected to the gate house which stores precious treasure. There are two wooden stairs which provide access to level two and level three of the inn for refreshments.

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