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LEGO Friends "Heartlake Express" Passenger Train


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There are so many ways to travel in or out Heartlake City or take holidays or trips. Cars, buses, planes, tractors, boats, ships, helicopters and bicycles - yet no train rolls along the hills of Heartlake City. Time to add one to the table, and so I did!

Sit back and relax for a smooth ride to Heartlake City Central. This LEGO Friends Heartlake Express passenger train will get you there in no time and no hassle at all, with all the comfort on board.

Enjoy the view from the luxurious seats in the passenger carriage. Be sure to visit the little bistro for a drink and a sandwich or snack. Long journey ahead? Use one of the bunk beds to get some sleep and enjoy the gorgeous view from the club car upstairs - with a drink from the minibar. Too much on your head? Watch some TV in the back of the engine in the TV room.
There's more than plenty to keep you smiling all along the journey!

The Friends Heartlake Express features:
  • A beautiful colour scheme to match the existing Friends series and be a real standout for your Heartlake City.
  • A powerful engine with Powered Up functions for a smooth ride.
  • In the back of the engine is a TV room for those who seek some distraction.
  • One passenger carriage with four luxurious seats and private tables for your drinks and snacks.
  • Enough space for all the suitcases and bags, including a clever rack.
  • One diner carriage with a fully fetched bistro that will serve you hot drinks from the espresso-machine, a carousel with a variety of sandwiches and snacks and a mega-jar with freshly-baked cookies.
  • Two luxurious seats with foldable tables are available if you cannot wait to get back to your seats and want to eat immediately.
  • One club car with split-level areas to either get some sleep in one of the bunk beds or go upstairs and enjoy the view with a drink from the minibar.
  • Two-sided approach to either area via staircases.
  • Easy removable top-part to gain access to the stairs and lower part (also removable side panels).
  • Easy access to all playable areas: includes removable rooftops, easy removable side panels and seats and beds where your Friends can easily and steadily sit or lie down.
  • All functional doors.
  • Runs perfectly on standard LEGO track and fully compatible with other LEGO trains and track.

I would really love to hear your feedback on this. I have test-build several parts and bits to ensure the sturdiness and playability, and now I am ordering all the parts in the right colours. Also, ideas to improve and/or differentiate are most certainly welcome.

What I know I need to do:
  • Some parts need proper stickers in the right colours to ensure the pattern continues (especially on the club car).
  • Some tiles-with-stickers have been included to give the right idea, such as the restaurant-tile on the outside of the diner carriage or the TV in the back of the engine. They need to be replaced with proper tiles-with-stickers.
  • A small station called Heartlake Junction will be added to ensure immediate playability. Done! Check the update of 14-07-2022 below.
  • Once it has been build in real life (I can't wait!) there will be some small changes made and proper photography added. My 7-year-old daughter can't wait either :-)

Update 1 - Heartlake Junction added (14-07-2022)
What is a train without a place for people to get on or off it? So I have added a heartshaped little station called Heartlake Junction. It features:
  • bike-stand for three bicycles
  • small platform with a bench
  • a kiss-and-go sidewalk (with no parking allowed, hence the yellow lining)
  • a heartshaped bench for people to wait and relax and enjoy the flowers and tree
  • a cute rat-family living underneath the platform, accessible via the platform itself or the sidepanel with a removable panel.
Hope you like it!

Thanks for watching, reading and hopefully voting!

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