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This is a proposal to create a LEGO set based on the acclaimed comedy-drama detective mystery television series MONK. 

One must imagine that Mr.Monk would love nothing more than to find himself in a precisely organized world of perfectly interlocking blocks made to demanding and peerless standards.  Well, except of course for a clean room.

The proposed set should include figures for Adrian Monk, Natalie Teeger, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, and Lieutenant Randy Disher and would also include a crime scene for Monk to study and dissect with his keen mind and penetrating observations.  

If you would like to see MONK become a real LEGO set, this project needs two things:

  1. Your vote
  2. To be shared with other MONK fans

Thank you!

This project is a collaboration between Saabfan and Glenbricker.

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