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Power Ranger BrickHeadz; Red Ranger and Megazord

Morphin' time and Megazord battle mode now!!!

Red Ranger is ready to protect Angel Grove from Rita Repulsa and her army.
And he is not alone in this battle, against the most dangerous enemies(or larger) and the Zords are to assemble the powerful Megazord.

And the cool thing about the Red Ranger is that you can switch its face into Jason just like that old toy (Power Rangers Legacy Auto Mighty Morphin®). He also brings his Power Sword, the Megazord is not behind with his might sword and Mastodon Shield.

I've made this project because the BrickHeadz' concept is very fun to assemble because the helmets' size is bigger, so you can put lots of details. Therefore the same enjoy I felt I would like you to feel this too.  This set is good for all ages because it's not only the fans from the past will fell all that nostalgy but also it is a nice idea to teach children the colors, prehistoric animals names and about that prehistoric ages.

Join this fight to make Power Ranger Lego product.

Have you already imagined how many other cool projects could be made too?

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