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Wondrous Winterland

Unwrapping a gift to reveal the mystery within is a timeless and exciting experience, and amazing gifts come in many shapes and sizes, similar to LEGO®! Speaking of which, we can all agree that LEGO® does make a fantastic gift! Thankfully, once you’ve finished building the Wondrous Winterland the excitement begins anew, as every time it’s unfolded you can relive the magic of unwrapping an incredible gift.

Each wall of the Wondrous Winterland unfolds to reveal a unique vignette, combined to complete a picturesque wonderland that’s eye-catching from all angles. Roast marshmallows in the moonlight after trekking the mountain cave. Breath in the cold winter wind while watching the train pass through the frozen mountain. Discover the igloo amongst the wooded lands, where across the frozen lake you can gaze upon a beautiful home with a great view of its own!

Once you’re ready to warm back up, folding up the diorama back into a gift is only a quick breeze. For a little peek inside, you can find hidden doors on the top to reveal a look inside your Wondrous Winterland. Great on the shelf with the collection or even as a decorative centerpiece, it’ll be hard to keep the breathtaking details hidden away, luckily it’ll be easy to unfold the magic with loved ones again and again.

Technical Stuff

Part Count:
  • Mountain Wall - 280
  • Train Wall - 337
  • Wooded Wall - 201
  • House Wall - 189
  • Base - 314
  • Total: 1,321

Proposed stickers: 3, including 1 moon sticker and 2 gift label stickers, exampled in renders.

Proposed difficulty: Intermediate, no particularly advanced techniques are used, but the build is involved and precise.

Play features: convertible from wrapped gift to diorama, customizable gift label, hidden doors to reveal look inside (train in tunnel, bat in cave).

This model was built using Bricklink Studio 2.0 and rendered with the Photoreal engine. All elements are true to color. Clearance has been tested meticulously throughout the build to ensure maximum detail while retaining fluid functionality.

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