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Heroica Damorak Temple

The Damorak Temple is the home to the Order of the Seas, also known as the Sisters of Water, and their mistress Mother Greca. Because of the temple's recent proximity to Ennon, the Heroes have decided to find out more about the Order.

The minifigs are there simply for decal clarity, and the bios and strength levels/amount are as follows:

Mother Greca (maroon micro/minifig): The cruel Mother Greca wears her squid hide prowd, as the leader of the Order. Ruling over the Squid and Sisters, her goal is to unlock the powers of the Golden Idol, and unhinge the minds of the most wise men of Ennon. (X1, strength 3)

Sisters of Water (blue micro/minifig): The Sisters are entirely loyal, and will, without a doubt, die for the good of their Mistress Mother Greca. Wearing cloaks of normal cloth, these women are the true Amazons of the seven seas. (X3, strength 2)

Drandora Squid (maroon creatures): The Drandora Squid are unitelligent, yet capable of human speech. They serve Mother Greca simply because she wears the hide of their long-dead ruler, and are afraid they will suffer a similar fate. (X4, strength 1)

The Bio of the purple hero, the Monk, can be found on my Raltodod Monastery project, and the other heroes' can be found on

The relic for this game is the Golden Idol, which, when used in a game, will cause any hero to go insane and lose 2 lives and one gold. Mother Greca plans to use it to drive the wisest men and women in Ennon insane, as it has already done to the Squid of the Temple.

The Potions for this are:
Mind Control (purple): move any hero two spaces in your favour, any objects they find are yours to keep, but any damage they take is for them.
Phantom (white/clear): pass through any blockage or monster, but it counts as a move no matter what.
Life (red): add two lives BACK to your hero pack.

Please enjoy, and thanks to every one of my supporters!

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