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The Three Siblings Island


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"The Three Siblings Island" is a 3D map of a lost place now inhabited by Daniela, Paula, and Patrick, three brothers who survived a shipwreck. The waves carried them in a small boat to the island and when they woke up, they discovered a new home.
This Island was discovered in medieval times. The arch that crosses the rock was one day a small gold mining site and over the years it was forgotten, and the vegetation grew around it, the inclement weather wreaked havoc on the structure of the arches, but the island survived and centuries later welcomed the three brothers.
There, they rebuilt this old island at their will and while they live peacefully, they tried to find a way to return to civilization but what they don't know is that an old guest of the island left a solution to get out of there (it will be shown in future updates) and until now only the turtles know the secret of this island.

Wood, fishing, and fruits of the land are the things they collect in their day to day and at night under the cover of darkness they tell stories of fear and ancient pirates while some nights they see a ship pass in the distance. The three siblings live with a particular friend named Specks. Specks is a pig who also survived the shipwreck and was rescued by the three.

The island of the three siblings is a proposal to express willpower and courage, and that with effort many goals can be achieved, among the most important being surviving on an island.

Thank you very much.

B. Brick

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