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Moby-Dick: White Whale's Revenge!

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Moby-Dick: White Whale's Revenge!

Everyone recognizes the white whale, perhaps the most famous literary character in history. As a story secure in the public domain, children are free to dramatize the final scene, with the peg-legged spiteful Captain Ahab, Tattooed friendly cannibal Queequeg, and a cast of sailors.

Pictured are blocks from various sets, including but not limited to: Monster Fighters coffin, Monster FIghters one-legged mini fig, pirate's hat, skiff, harpoons, fish net, fish, shark, skeleton, bones, buckets, cannon, chain.

Featured: White whale with hinged jaw and tail. Whaling schooner.

I made this set with my 5-year old for the #LEGOlit twitter contest (which I'm ineligible for, since that contest is limited to residents of the U.K.

He LOVES it! He kept asking me "why is he named Moby-Dick?" which led me to talk about the book and the story. Children, with an innate sense of justice, like the idea of the whale fighting back.

Ideally, the whale would include more curved or smoother pieces. We used what we had, many of these basic bricks dating back to the 1970s.

We used Tonto from The Lone Ranger for Queequeg, pictured here, floating in his coffin, with Ishmael, Ahab, and Moby-Dick, the whale.

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