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The Canal Boat

What could be more relaxing for a Lego minifigure than slowly drifting along in a canal boat through the countryside?

Here is my third product idea on Lego Ideas! I hope you enjoy 'The Canal Boat'!

The entire model has exactly 1400 pieces and is made up of the boat itself, with 551 pieces and an accessible interior, and the canal with scenery, built on 12 16x16 plates.

The scenery features:
  • A wooden fence on the far side in front of wild bushes and grasses.
  • The stone sides of the canal with weathering and some vegetation between cracks.
  • The water in the canal, made with blue tiles, along which the boat can easily slide.
  • Several wooden posts on the side of the canal where the boat can be moored.
  • A paved towpath where minifigures can take a stroll along the canal.
  • A couple of picnic tables in the field next to the canal.
  • A red and white checked picnic blanket spread on the grass.

The boat is 42 studs long and is based on a classic, canal or narrow boat. It has a vintage dark green and red colour scheme with a black base. It has six curved windows on each angled side and a sloping roof. The front forms a point where there is a curved wooden beam, similar to the fronts of Viking longboats. The back of the boat is curved and has red railings and the tiller for steering. Images 9-12 show how the roof can be easily removed, the sides straightened and also removed to reveal the detailed interior inside.

The interior can be split up into three sections. The first is a dining area which has a table and four chairs and a lamp placed on a chest of drawers. The middle section is the white bathroom area which has a flushing toilet, sink, mirror and door which opens to the corridor next to it: this allows minifigures to travel from the first section to the third. The final section is a living area which has a comfy, blue armchair, a small set of drawers, a round coffee table and a coaster for a mug. The entire interior has wooden planks for flooring and there are four small lamps as well as various decorations on the walls, including a fish on a plaque.

The model has 11 minifigures (plus one baby) which are all lined up in the last image. These are made up of: the family of four on the boat, the mother and son looking out at the front of the boat and the father showing the daughter how to steer; a pair of runners and their dog jogging down the towpath; a fisherman sitting on the edge of the canal with his rod and basket; another family in the picnic area with the children playing frisbee and a mother feeding her baby.

I am very proud of my creation and I think it would make a fantastic Lego set. This is because I think it would look great on display, there is a lot of opportunity for playing or setting up minifigures and the interior adds another element of playability to the model. I also think this is quite different from sets that Lego has produced in the past.

I would also love to add to this idea in the future, for instance adding a lock system to the build. If this can make it to 1,000 supports I will make doing this my top priority!

Thank you for reading about my product idea: 'The Canal Boat'. I hope you like it! If you too think this would make a great Lego set, I would really appreciate it if you supported and left a comment about what you like, or think needs improving, about the model. If you really like it, then why not share it with your friends? Supporting is free and easy, and it would mean a lot to me if you do. 10,000 is a huge challenge but with your help, I know it is possible!

Thank you!


PS. This is actually a re-submission of this idea because my previous account on Lego Ideas was lost when this was still active. It had over 600 supports then but I'm sure we can beat that now!

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