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Big Mining Truck


This is a big brother of Lego Technic 42035 Mining Truck. It is partially remote controlled and very fun to play with. Large-scale haul truck will make a good addition to the Lego Technic construction equipment series. General appearance, steering mechanism and suspension design were inspired by the current load capacity record holder — BelAZ 75710.

Each axle is driven by its own L motor placed inside it. Suspension consists of a ball joint, two shock absorbers and Panhard rod. The whole assembly of axle and its suspension is mounted on a turntable which enables four-wheel steering. Together with big wheels and powerful motors this provides great maneuverability. Battery box is mounted in the rear to counterweight heavy “head” in front of the wheels and allow easy and fast switching on/off and battery replacement. Since the haul truck does not have any additional functions apart from body tipping I decided not to put another receiver for simplicity (and to cut down potential set cost).

Main features:

  • remote controlled steering using PF servo motor;
  • remote controlled all-wheel drive using two PF L-motors and differentials;
  • manually operated dumping using two large linear actuators;
  • working live axle suspension;
  • unique steering mechanism.


  • cabin;
  • headlamps;
  • air filter covers;
  • exhausts.


  • 54 studs long (43 cm, 17 inches);
  • 25 studs wide (20 cm, 8 inches);
  • 26/50 studs high (21/40 cm, 8/16 inches).

Weight: 2.1 kg (4.7 pounds) including batteries.

Approximately 1600 parts in total.

Apart from PF elements and actuators experienced builders can find many other useful parts in this set:

  • two large linear actuators;
  • two ball joints;
  • two turntables;
  • two differentials;
  • four portal axle housings;
  • four large wheels with 94.3x38 tyres.

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