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Steampunk Rocket


 "Full steam ahead!"

 This model was a very enjoyable model to build. I really, really like the steampunk genre, and this is my first model in that theme.

 It has about 150 pieces. The minifigure has a hat, glasses, and a steam-powered pistol. Though the rocket is made primarily out of brown elements, it also has some silver and gold embellishments on it. Steam billows out of the back as the minifigure is preparing to take off. On the top is a large light.

 The set contains 1 minifigure. I will add a picture in an update when I reach 50 supporters.

 If you supported, then please comment. If you didn't, please comment why you didn't because every bit of constructive criticism helps. Thank you for looking, and have a great day! Brick on!

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