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Hugging LEGO Bear

Let the LEGO bear to give you a hug~ 
Here I present you such a cute LEGO bear, with full belly and buttons on the foot. I design the bear with everywhere roundish to show its lovely. Both arms and legs are moveable. You can pose it as you want. As to me, the hug pose really attract me a lot. The bear designed without refer to any IP bear, so I call it a special LEGO bear.  
Also this is a basic version, you can even dress up your bear or changing color of some bricks to give it a new look. I say it's really fun to stay with this lovely bear. Of cause you can make(MOC) a classic version with a heart between its arm . 
One more thing to metion, the rare medium nougat color make the bear more special and since its a neutral color, it can suit different scene which is convience for your to take wonderful pictures with.
There are totally 827 bricks and the dimenson is 19cm width,18cm height and 13cm from foot to butt. I have to say the size fit well with other LEGO set very well as you can see in the last picture there i make a comparation with the large size minifigure.
The hugging LEGO bear is waiting for your support~

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