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Gumball’s House


Welcome to The Amazing World of Gumball

I have created the Watterson’s house from my favourite Kid TV show

The Kitchen has a checkered floor, a screen door leading to the laundry room, and a fridge white cupboards, and a counter (which it shares with the dining room.)

The Living room has a sea dark blue patterned carpet with light yellow wallpaper, there is a lamp on the left with a tan and orange pattern. In the middle of the room, there is a brown plaid couch, Tan and red rug, and a coffee table on top of the rug. Behind the couch is the stairs, and has two paintings (the Wattersons and a unicorn.) There is also a door between the paintings. On the fourth wall, there is two pairs of lights, There is a TV which has a tape on top, a video game system, a jukebox, with circle speakers on both sides of the TV, and a bookshelf on the right. There is a horseshoe lying above the entrance to the kitchen, with a mountains painting on one side, and the other side has a pink telephone.

The Dining room is merged with the living room. it includes a table and chairs, and an entrance leading to the kitchen. Located in this room are paintings of a sad bunny clown

The Bathroom is located on the second floor, Walls are in part white and in part green. The toilet is on the right and washbasin is on the left. There is also the bathtub with a curtain ahead. The mirror is hanging on the wall above the basin and the first aid kit is hanging above the lavatory. Next to the basin there is also a laundry basket.

The Kids Room This is the room where Gumball, Darwin, and Anais sleeps. Darwin sleeps in the fishbowl next to the bunk bed, where Gumball and Anais sleeps in. Gumball sleeps on the bottom bunk while Anais takes the top. Also in the room is a desk with a computer.



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