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K-Wing Starfighter


Thanks for viewing my K-Wing Starfighter!

The K-Wing was a heavy starfighter in the Star Wars universe. It was developed for the New Republic during the Yevethan crisis, replacing the B-Wing. During the Second Galactic Civil War, Commenor deployed K-wings for defense during the Battle of Commenor.
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The LEGO set
The set I'm thinking of includes 3 rebel pilot minifigs and a R2-series astromech droid. It would fit perfectly to the other already released starfighters, like the official X- or Y-Wing sets. I created the model using Lego Digital Designer. My construction consists of 1020 pieces, the price would probably be around $100.00, but please consider that the final set design by LEGO could be different.

Please support this project
Please cast your supporting vote and spread the word, inform your family, your friends, and anyone you know who could be interested in supporting this LEGO set idea - the path to 10,000 supports is a long one and this mission needs any help it can get! ;)

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