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The Guardian of the Old Lighthouse

To present to you my project, I will tell you the story of:
The Guardian of the Old Lighthouse.

The old lighthouse stands proud on a rock from the nearby Bay of LegoRises.
His job is to report the proximity of the rocky coast to ships and vessels that are directed towards the nearby port of Legoland.
The lighthouse has more than 50 years, therefore, unlike the modern headlights needs constant maintenance by the keeper.
The guardian is the Sign. Jhones Malone, are more than 30 that he does this job and now he is very fond of the old lighthouse; Together they have spent many adventures but they have always managed to perform their duties with honor and dedication!
Jhones goes to the lighthouse every morning aboard his boat rowing accompanied by little Lily, a sweet little dog of West Hightland White Terrier.To reach the old lighthouse serves to paddle a little, it takes at least 10 minutes, and the little Lily in perfect balance at the bow of the boat seems to be anxious to arrive; His anxiety to land is increasing as the boat approaches the landing.
Awaiting them forward in front of the gate at the bottom of the stairs there's Toto, is the faithful and proud partner of Lily.
Toto likes to live on the rock, he rarely leaves this because he feels responsible for the lighthouse as much as the old Jhones, and proudly defends this by tourists raids and mischievous seagulls.
The daily meeting between Lily and the proud Toto is a romantic scene: He remains impassive and proud, she approaches, wags his tail and sniffs him with affectionate love. Toto melts like an ice cream in the sun!
The day passes in a maintenance job and a cup of coffee.
In the late afternoon the old Jhones is preparing to return home.
Toto and Lily greet each other; she climbs aboard the boat.
While Jones paddling toward shore, he looks up in the direction of the old lighthouse, this seems like an old friend greet him with its beams of light like two long arms.
Toto follows the route of the boat with the look from the top of the cliff until it sees this moving to the small port of the bay, then, proud of his role, he starts his turn to guard.
That of the Old Lighthouse is a story of love and dedication that lasts for years and is renewed every day!
Why i build a lighthouse?
I chose to build a lighthouse because it is a structure that inevitably fascinates young and old.
Also, my choice is linked to a memory of my childhood: The first time I saw one i was 4 or 5 years during a trip with my parents. I looked it dreamily for half an hour. At the end of the day, while we drove home in the car I said to my father: "When I grow up I want to be the lighthouse keeper."
Because everyone would like this set?
I think that the lighthouse would be a project concerned, it can be used as a setting of lego sets that include large boats, or as a setting for romantic trips aboard small rowing boats!
The complexity of the set is a challenge that the great fans will not want to miss. It includes many special pieces that would allow the realization of many MOC marine theme.
If you are lovers of the sea and of the incurable romantic, vote my set!

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