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Astronaut Training Center


In oder to become an astronaut (or cosmonaut) your minifigs need to train. Train hard. 
They might love it, they might hate it but they will do it and they will succeed!

This modular set proposes a variety of facilities for your minifig astronaut candidates to train on. 
That guarantees a lot of fun for you and a lot of pain for your minifigs.

BASIC SET (550 bricks):
- Space station training mockup
- Shuttle flight simulator
- Soyuz flight simulator
- Control center

EXTENSION SET (450 bricks):
- Robotics training field
- Human centrifuge
- Aerotrim
- Medical station
- Supplies Corner

- 6 Astronauts (or cosmonauts)
- 2 Trainers
- 1 Medic
- 1 Janitor

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