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Blockbuster Video Store

A throwback to an entertaining era that included hard copies of movies, games and snacks!

We all look back at the moments in our lives that we cherish... and who can forget Blockbuster Video?  Whether it was a rainy night, or a sleepover with friends, Blockbuster Video played an important part of our lives. 

I built this set to help tap into those memories.  I believe that Blockbuster Video would make a great LEGO set as it reminds us of a time that was much simpler. 

Blockbuster helped deliver the movies of a generation.  Titanic, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and countless other films were delivered to the houses of millions with the help of the video store.  Game rentals and snacks kept kids of all ages entertained in the safety of their homes.  

This set includes:
The classic logo... the forever internationally recognized blue and yellow ticket stub!
Convenient 'Drop Box'... who can forget driving up and running out to return a video?
A handy bike rack... getting permission from mom or dad to bike over and check out the new arrivals! Side parking with a retro station wagon... how did we get there?  Why in our family vehicle of course!  A practical wagon carried us to Blockbuster so we could all help choose the entertainment! Classic garbage bin... the green keeper of our refuse!
Retail shopping areas and checkout stations... decisions made and time to checkout... wait... is that an impulse item... hmmmm... I sure good go for a snack!  Add those to my stack for the Blockbuster employee to scan and bag :)
A back room with safe... the employee getaway complete with CASH holding SAFE!
Side tree and garden... flowers, fences and shrubs -- OH MY!
Classic communication dish... aimed at the stars!
...and 6 mini figures...  3 Blockbuster Video Employees, and 3 customers seeking ENTERTAINMENT!

A great LEGO set is fun and easy to build, fun to engage and play, and fun to imagine and dream with.  It's time to look back and remember that Blockbuster Video made it easy to escape!

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