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Concrete Truck


Welcome to my first Mythbusters set! There were many cool myths tested by the Mythbusters  but I chose the myth: "Cement Mix-up" (season 3, episode 2). In this myth they test if you can clean the inside of a cement truck (all the cement stuck to the inside of the mixer bowl) with a stick of dynamite. This worked to a certain extend. At the end of the episode they got carried away and blew up the truck.

This 250 brick Concrete Truck is a working cement truck (the drum rotates etc.), that also blows up. It works with same mechanic as Lego set 6755 Sheriff's Lock Up. You slide the the dynamite tile in the slot to push the spring up that pushes the cabin, nose and mix-bowl off. The set also features Jamie and Adam. The concrete mixer can also be rebuilt in a snow-plow for the myth: "Can a snow-plow blade split a car in half?". Bonus builds could be the Lego ball, bullet proof windows and a chicken gun.

Have fun!

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