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City Vehicle Transport Semi Truck

The burgeoning economy of Fredrickville, Idaho (my Lego city) has led to a rapid growth in vehicle sales. As a result, Acme Transport has acquired a brand-new Vehicle Transport Semi Truck. This semi has all the bells and whistles. It can transport 7 brand-new cars at once, without causing a single scratch. Your valuable vote will contribute to the construction of a high-end assembly line for vehicle transport semis so you too can purchase one of these valuable trucks for your own city. Your Mini Figure citizens will thank you!

Each vehicle is secured with tire blocks to keep them from rolling out of place. There is a wide range of motion between the truck and trailer for those tight, city turns.

The lower row of cars is unloaded first by flipping a hinged mechanism and tilting the lower ramp down. The trailer unloads first, then another hinge flips forward to create a ramp between the trailer and the tractor, allowing the third car to back off through the trailer.

Pulling a pin on each side of the trailer allows the second level to tilt forward and down. The top four cars can be unloaded this way without incident.

This is what your fresh-off-the-assembly-line transport semi will look like before any of the vehicles are loaded.

Note: Some of the 7 cars are not included as part of the set as they come from Lego sets already produced. They are simply there to show the functionality of the semi. I am planning to include some personal designs, including the red station wagon on the lower tractor deck in the set.

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Update for December 2013. Since I posted this project, Lego has come out with their version of the vehicle transport semi. It's set #60060