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Marco's Savoia S21

Dearest friends,
This is my interpretation of Marco's famous Savoia S21 Idrocorsa, seen in Miyazaky's masterpiece Porco Rosso.
Inspired by the design of the Italian seaplanes of the 1930s, this plane was created to fight the noisy (and reckless) pirates of the sky, always looking for loot and riches but unable to be less than loving with their prey.
this Lego model was as always designed to be stable and playable. I had to resort to very complex geometries and advanced techniques to give stability to the wings which have (as in the original design) an inclination of about 15 degrees.
the main cockpit is for the pilot only, while in the front cockpit Fio has obtained his position with his mechanic tools.
The model is completed by the wooden trolley used by Piccolo S.P.A. to launch the seaplane through an unknown channel in Northern Italy.
Pigsy-based minifigures from Monkey Kid are being studied.

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