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Jurassic World - Mosasaurus Feeding Show


My son has been so impressed by the Jurassic world Trailer, especially by the Mosasaurus Feeding Show Scene, that I decided to spend time on trying to reproduce it at a reasonable scale. Turning the pulley will allow you to move the Shark back and forth. The front side of the Mosasaurus can be easely unplugged from the water. You can also rotate it. Small turntables are installed on the top of the pillars for easy moving. The set includes a Mosasaurus, a Shark, Minifigures with Security Agents, Lego bricks/plates + some Lego Technic bricks. A Lego Monorail or a Lego Train could be a great complementary element to this set in order to give you even more animation in your Future Jurassic World Model as shown in some of my pictures. Enjoy the Mosasaurus Feeding Show soon by giving your support to this project. Thank you very much.

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