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Awesome Minecraft Chicken

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This is an Awesome Minecraft Chicken I Built ! This is my own Creation and is my Picture.

Evaporiet pointed out it looks like another minecraft chicken but its NOT a copy!

thank you for all of the votes everybody!!

everyone who supported !!I have Have a mission.(sort of)step 1:Gather all your friends and tell them about CUUSOO!step 2:tell them about this project! step 3:....i don't know..............................

If anyone wants more projects say so in the comments! (P.S I know this won't become a set at this rate :( but if I get 100 supports i will make a Youtube video :)

Below is a picture of the chicken's side.

Then below this picture is one of it's back.

Hope you guys like/support it!

November 3rd, 2012, 50 Supporters! :) Thanks guys, didn't think i'd get this far!Keep up the good work!

Also PLEASE if you supported this, I EXTREAMLY recommend you support one of the most popular, and defanatly one of the most EPIC person here on CUUSOO's project : Space Marines!
link below........

If you liked that project, give NO CREDIT to me... give it all to GlenBricker, Greenland, and most importantly .....(DRUM ROLL) NickRoyer!

11/29/12 10,000 supports on space marines Once again NOT MY PROJECT!

64 SUPPORTS! 12/22/2012 P.S. Nintendo is one of my favorite game companies :)

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