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The Duke's Square (Family Owned Grocery Store)

"Family-owned for 65 years, The Duke's Square knows a thing or two about bringing fair-priced high-quality groceries to its valued customers. We know here at Duke's that convenience is king, but we don't bow to King Convenience. We don't have any website or curbside pick up, rather every visit to Duke's you will find not only the best groceries but employees who value and get to know you. Duke maintains that old-time appeals while offering plenty of steals and deals. Come on down to Duke's for some noble groceries."
The Duke's Square is inspired by small-town Groceries stores found across America and beyond. The Duke's is no massive supermarket with aisle upon aisle of every good imaginable with ubiquitous brands. Instead, it is a small, cozy center of a little community. It's quality, not quantity here.
Duke's comes with two fully stocked shelves (Three aisles) full of all the good stuff a little Lego community needs to thrive. Along with two freezer units offering a wide variety of frozen goods, a pharmacy, bins of fresh produce, a fountain drink machine, watching security cameras, a grocery cart with a loose wheel, a vending machine, payphone, a garden, bus stop, and a manned checkout.
When it comes to employees, Duke's is a family affair. Dad Dan manages and runs the store, while sons Junior and Jordon roam the store helping customers at every turn, and Granpa Cliff puts his education to work in the Pharmacy. Of course, Duke's sees a good amount of foot traffic in and out of the doors, with plenty of customers.
Duke's is seeking to expand its operations beyond its home location, and if you would like a Duke's near you, the best way is to upvote and support this project. Come one on down to Duke's for some noble groceries.

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