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Workers in the Machine

In daily life, there are many machines that make our lives convenient, but do you know? In fact, there is a hard-working person in the machine!

In the photocopier, there is actually a person who can quickly copy with a pen!

If you want to be a teller in automated teller machine, your arithmetic must be very good, and you also like the smell of money!

The coffee vending machine is full of the aroma of coffee, but why not use electronic payment? Coin processing is very troublesome.

Working in a vending machine is the hardest, there are many goods, and it is cold inside!

The birth of this series is actually one of the scenes from the movie "Men in Black 2". There is an automatic letter dividing machine. There was an alien in it! This is very humorous.

Later, when I used the photocopier, I thought about what would happen if someone was inside? So I created the first work in this series, the workers in the photocopier. I hope to share this interesting thought with you!

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