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Floating Rock Island Hanging Model


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welcome to the Floating Rock Island! It is a magical place somewhere between clouds and stars that is ready for you to live, work, play and contemplate in. You might have seen other models like it but this one is special. It is designed to be hung on a hook, so it will fit in your room without any display shelf needed! :-D

The model represents a fictional universe where rocks float in the air providing a place for plants to grow and birds to nest on. People live there, too, growing vegetables and building houses. They also travel to other places to meet each other. In this model you can find four minifigures: Lumir, Eve and Galimatthias are inhabitants of the island, while Oumama is a traveller from a distant land who came by balloon to visit them. On the island, you can find various locations: a mine, a little house, a cave, a fruit tree, a waterfall, an observatory, and many more.

I created this model because I have had the idea in my head for several years and just had to realise it
:-D. I have always loved old castle and pirate sets, especially those with rocks, plants, hidden places and fantasy feel to them.

The model as such isn´t any groundbreaking design but it offers endless possibilities when building hanging or standing models of landscapes, buildings, castles, etc. The main feature is the possibility to hang the model which makes it a great addition to any collection of models and it offers a new dimension to playing with models and displaying them
Of course it would be a great LEGO set! There are so many things packed in this little place ;-) !

Thank you for your attention.
Yours sincerely

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