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Narnia: Professor Digory Kirke’s Mansion

This fantastic mansion with three stories and twelve rooms is based on the book, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis. The outside is decorated with plants, and vines that climb the walls. The front doors (of my own design) open, thanks to a cool rounded brick technique.  

In the first story of the mansion, there is a comfortable living room, two luxurious bedrooms, a kitchen full of fun accessories, and a dining room filled with delectable foods. Up the first flight of stairs, you will find a hallway with a game room including a pool table and a comfortable couch.  Next comes Mrs. Macready’s room (much too nice for a grump like her!), followed by the boy’s room with a slide-out trundle bed. But most importantly, the door to Narnia: The Wardrobe!  On the next level, are the fascinating suits of armor decorating the hall and a cool corner table filled with historic antiques.  

Finally, there is the professor’s bedroom and study.  The study contains a long case of books and a swivel chair.  A heavy book lies on the professor’s desk.  My favorite parts of this model are the hallway bookshelf, the kitchen, and trundle bed. I think this would make a great display.  If you think so as well, please add your support. I deeply appreciate it.

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