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The Polar Express


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Are you coming? Where? To the North Pole of course! This is the polar express! Yup. That is what it is, lines straight out of the movie. I built this because I thought it was a great movie, so I thought this would work. it also Is very playable. It has a full track to run on, but you have to move it your self. It does not move on its own. I also think LEGO should make this because LEGO doesn’t have enough LEGO trains. It also doesn’t have anything like this, and they make more tracks then trains.

People all over the world knows this movie. Like how the train went all over the world. But I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Sure this might take a while, (if this does reach 10,000 supporters and gets approved) but people will love this so much. You just have to support it.

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