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Subnautica: Base in the Grassy Plateaus

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   My Project:

Based off of the fun under water game "Subnautica", by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, this is my first lego Subnautica build so help me make it become real set. This set has Fauna and Flora from the from the Grassy Plateaus and Kelp Forest.


The lone survivor Ryley Robinson has built a base in the Grassy Plateaus, but to close to the Kelp Forest! Will the Stalker get the best of him? You decide! 


1: Opening, closing door

2:  Bedroom, with bed and Dresser

3: Fauna: 1 Rabbit Ray, 1 Stalker, 2 Peepers, 1 cooked Peeper, 3 Spadefish, 4 Bladderfish. Flora: Acid Mushrooms, Creepvine, Tiger Plants, Violet Beau, Blood Grass, Brain Coral, and Jordi's Tung.

4: Tech: Computer, Fabricator, and Blueprint.


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