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The Loch Ness Monster and Friends


~~The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) has come to visit the ruins of Urquhart Castle on the banks of Loch Ness. She has brought some friends, a mermaid and a dragon, and she has attracted the attention of the emergency services and the local TV Reporters.

The police are in attendance to keep order and the fire brigade has been called out because the dragon has set fire to a wooden crate on the castle walls.

The TV reporters have the scoop of a lifetime interviewing the mermaid.

Some tourists have been lucky to be at the castle when Nessie has come to visit and one has even managed to get a row boat to go out to meet her.

The castle structure follows the basics of the part of Urquhart castle that is nearest to the Loch and includes tourist platforms and stairs but is not a representation of the whole of the castle.

Dimensions – the model is built on a 48x48 base and has 684bricks.

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