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Merlin: Battle for Camelot


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“No young man, no matter how great, can know his destiny. He cannot glimpse his part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, he must live and learn. And so it shall be for the young warlock arriving at the gates of Camelot. A boy that will in time father a legend. His name... Merlin.
-Kilgharrah, the Great Dragon

BBC’s wonderful show Merlin has run for five thrilling seasons and now the adventure continues in LEGO form! The series Merlin is a reimagining of the classic King Arthur tales, with the sorcerer Merlin as a young man living in Camelot where magic is banned. He must conceal his powerful abilities while protecting the kingdom. Filled with magic, action, and monsters, Merlin would be a perfect addition to LEGO.

This set is loosely based on every episode of the series, but in particular, “The Coming of Arthur.” Camelot’s darkest hour has begun. As Morgana and Morgause’s army masses before the gates of Camelot, Arthur and Merlin prepare for their most perilous battle. Will Merlin find the strength to save the man he made a king, the Camelot they fought to build, and the brotherhood they shared?

The main feature of the set is the most important and iconic element of the show, the castle of Camelot! I meticulously researched the setting to get the right look and design for the castle. It includes five rooms: the library (with goblin holder), the throne room, a mini version of Gaius’ room, the armory (with lots of weapons) and Arthur’s room.

Nine minifigures with accessories are included: Uther Pendragon (with sword and decree banning magic), Gaius (with potion), Guinevere (with bucket and engagement ring), Merlin (with vial of Avalon and Sidhe Staff), Arthur Pendragon (with Camelot shield and Excalibur), Mordred (with Crystal of Neahtid), Morgana (with Aithusa and dagger), Morgause (with Rowan Staff), and Cenred (with double swords).

This set also includes one of the greatest characters of the series, Kilgharrah, the wise and powerful dragon, who is Merlin’s friend and magic mentor.

This set would allow Merlin fans to reenact many key moments of the show in LEGO form, as well as create their own stories in a land of myth. It would also appeal to non-fans, as well, as it includes a castle and many fantasy oriented minifigures. If you want LEGO Merlin to become a reality, please support, and thank you for reading!

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