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Y-Wing Starfighter: Star Wars Episode 7


The Y-Wing  is a Starfighter produced by Incom Corporation, the successor to the BTL-A4 model. It will be used by the Resistance in their struggle against the first order about 10 years after the destruction  of the Starkiller Base. The Y-Wing includes two super ion engines, matching almost in speed and maneuverability to the T-70 X-wing starfighter. The fighter has a pilot and an astromech droid with a protection system improved on its predecessor, as well as a hyperdrive.

In the Assembly of this model I have based part (front) in an existing A-Wing (model LEGO 75003) market. But there are enough differences especially in the rear of the cockpit, engines and weapons. Two laser cannons powerful in the front part of the nose. two torpedo launchers Proton on both sides of the cockpit and under the wings of two large cannons of ions with sufficient power to restrain fighters enemies and capital ships successfully for a short period of time. I didn't miss the chance to teach my particular version of the most famous bomber of the rebel Alliance now used by the resistance.

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