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Dex's Diner (Star Wars)


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Hi there.

This is Dex's Diner from Star Wars, it is located on Coruscant. There were many people who came in to have a drink or to eat something. The owner of the diner is Dexter Jettster (he will be included in this set, later I will do an update with some minifigures). It appears in the Star Wars movies when Obi-Wan Kenobi searches for the origin of a saberdart from Jango Fett. Jettster was able to direct the Jedi to the planet Kamino.

What's inside ?
-9 bar seats
-8 double seats
-4 tables
-1 bar with 3 taps

-3 drinking glasses
-2 cups for coffee
-a few bottles
-1 plate and some trays for food
-some food: ice lolly, pie, croissant, pizza
-10 cupboards
-an installation for cleaning plates
-1 dustbin
-3 cooking plates
-a few pots and pans
-1 oven
-1 computer for the orders

You can easily take the roof off so you can access the inside.
I hope you like some of the details. This creation has 1447 bricks in it.

If you have any questions or an idea to improve my project(s) leave it in the comment area and I will see what I can do, if you want this in the stores please click the support button !


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