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The oboe is a captivating musical instrument adorned with dozens of metallic keys, reminiscent of tiny treasures waiting to be discovered, all contributing to the creation of the purest symphony.

Although these keys might seem overwhelming for a beginner, they hold an iconic quality that allows any music lover to instantly recognize the oboe. Capturing this iconic essence into bricks proved to be a challenge, but as you gaze upon this 1:1 scaled version – one that even fits snugly into a real oboe case – I am thrilled to announce that the goal has been achieved!

Similar to its real counterpart, this LEGO rendition can be disassembled into three parts: the bell, lower section, and upper section, along with the reed. As enthusiasts construct it, they will immediately recognize each key, culminating in a final build that stands as a masterpiece, unashamedly displayed alongside its authentic counterpart.

While delicately crafted and therefore quite fragile, it nonetheless possesses the ability to stand on its own or may be elegantly showcased lying on small support parts.

My only lament is that, unlike the real instrument, this LEGO version cannot be played, as the metal keys remain static.

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