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Marbles - Rainbow Run

During one of our last vacations the kids found a wooden marble stairs automata. Seeing them enjoy it so much, I wanted to build something like this for them to play with back at home. Of course this could only be done with LEGO :)

How the marble automata works?
When you rotate the axle, the oval clouds will alternately lift the stairs up, and doing so let the marbles travel up the staircase. After reaching the top, the marble will roll down the track and end up at the bottom of the staircase. Ready for another round.

Rainbow run theme.
The original model was purely made of wood, but for this model I wanted to add a special theme. The stairs form a beautifully colored rainbow, which is fed by the rotating sun and clouds. And because no rainbow can exist without water, the marbles fall back down on a water slide representing the rain needed for a rainbow.

LEGO Ideas.
I believe this would be a great set for LEGO ideas. After building this set, the fun continuous every time a marble is carried up the stairs and rolls back down.

I hope you all enjoy this project just as much as I did designing it.
Thank you for your support!

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