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Astrosurfer is a robot for exploring the universe. This mech can fly in space using his Astrosurf: a vehicle with two adjustable engines to perform the most acrobatic maneuvers.

Astrosurfer has a cockpit placed in a back pack. Its joints are very articulated in order to be agile in hand-to-hand combat and to direct its Astrosurf in the most spectacular evolutions.

The robot's shoulders were built to extend the size of the arms. Very useful move in close attack phase.

Astrosurfer is equipped with an offensive and defense arsenal: the hilt allows to generate daggers and laser halberds.

The detachable sniper rifle can be transported connected to the waist.

The laser shield can also be folded and attached to the belt.

I built this mecha imagining that I could fly free in the galaxy in search of new planets and adventures between different civilizations. Like a wandering knight in deep space.

Precisely this aspect can stimulate the imagination in inventing missions among the most disparate forms of life.

The set would be medium in size.

Astrosurfer: 452 pieces;

Astrosurf: 507 pieces;

Rifle: 62 pieces;

Shield: 38 pieces;

Halberd: 12 pieces;

Dagger: 8 pieces;

For a total of 1079 bricks.

I have prepared a video in which to see Astrosurfer in action.

I created a guide to building the mecha.

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