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BrickHeadz the Loud Siblings


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(this is the low we fall to in this time and age? i do hope we can change that sometime soon)

One boy plus Ten girls equals Countless chaos!

For fans of The Loud House, I think I can curb your need for a Lego The Loud House set. how about having brickheadz of each of the eleven loud siblings? of course we're starting off with the youngest sibling of the batch.

Why did you build this?
with all my other, more creative ideas hitting expiration and piling up on my end, I really had nowhere else to go for this idea other than playing excessively safe. Feels more of a dim bulb if you ask me.

Why do you believe in this?
I'll be honest, I actually doubt that it would make a good Lego set. licenses refuse to take as many risks as original ideas or ones based on Lego property. not to mention the near Cookie Cutter quality of Brickheadz itself making it forgettable on its own merits.

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