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LEGO DC Ultimate Chess


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I think this chess set is a good deal for mini figures, and there are tags of which character is in which position. You can play with DC heroes as white and DC villains as black, or the other way around! All the movements are the same as in regular chess. The ranks are: Superman and Cosmic Boy; heroic rooks, Nightwing and Green Arrow; heroic knights, Fire and The Flash; heroic bishops, Batman; heroic king, Wonder Woman; heroic queen, Robin, Cyborg, Katana, Red Robin, Commissioner Gordon, Lois Lane, Mayor McCaskill, and Aqua Lad; heroic pawns. Plus, Sports Master and General Zod; villainous rooks, Sinestro and Faceless Hunter; villainous knights, Equinox and Alexander Luthor; villainous bishops, The Joker; villainous king, Harley Quinn; villainous queen, and Joker Henchman, LexCorp Henchman, Poison Ivy, Man-Bat, Trickster, Black Manta, Eraser, and Joker Henchman; villainous pawns. I made this set to make Sports Master and Equinox in LEGO forms, but then I added Aqua Lad, Faceless Hunter, and Fire to make things even better!

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