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Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting

The 80s gave birth to many popular movies and shows, but none have had the same lasting impact as Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting. The show has truly survived the test of time and is more popular than ever!

In honor of the show I recreated Mountain Retreat from Season 3, Episode 1 (1984). This painting is one of my favorites for its brilliant use of color, variety of tree techniques, tranquil shoreline, and its cozy cabin. I decided to “find freedom on this canvas” and created a shoreline that extends out to add another layer of perspective to this build. I also added a lot of small details like a waterfall, flower bushes, log bench, and small critters because “this is a happy place; little squirrels live here and play.” 

A small 80s style TV is also included where Bob Ross can be displayed in his studio as he paints Mountain Retreat.

I took inspiration from the Starry Night, A-frame cabin, and NES set for this creation. I wish you all happy painting and until next time!

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