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Lego Taco Bell, Restaurant and Drive-thru


The Story Behind

I've been trying to make a set for quite some time now, I have tried several movies and ideas but I just didn't felt so confident like with this one, why?, because is one of my favorite chain food restaurants and there must be a few persons out there who might like it too.

The Set

The restaurant set includes 460 pieces (without the roof piece and minifigs), and the inside it's really basic because I tried to make a great set using less pieces than other huge sets have.

It also has 2 minifigures, the drive-thru speaker employee and the taco delivery employee.

It includes:

  • Taco Bell Restaurant.
  • Drive-thru speaker employee.
  • Taco dalivery employee.
  • Taco plate.
  • 2 Perfectly cooked tacos.

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