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The Vampire Mansion


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Night falls. It is freezing. Snow covers everything. You find yourself lost, desperately seeking shelter.

By chance, you come across a village. There is no light in the houses, except in the biggest and most beautiful one. Behind the large windows you see the glow of candles, and probably a fireplace. Everything about this mansion invites you to enter.

You knock on the door. You are terribly cold. When a very pale figure opens the door and invites you in, you are not suspicious.

But soon the atmosphere changes. It becomes strange and oppressive. Outside, people are shouting. Villagers, it seems to you. Villagers armed with torches and pitchforks, approaching the manor.

More people are coming. You hear the sound of hooves. Knights, beautifully armed on their steeds, are also approaching. But what are they all doing here?

When you see the last one to arrive, the truth bursts into your mind. A hunter accompanies the villagers. A hunter with a crossbow and arrows that shine like silver...

When you turn around, it is already too late. The hosts of the place have come to greet you. The countess and the vampire count have come to wish you a good night!


The Vampire Manor is a set with exactly 2999 bricks. 

It consists of a hidden crypt, the vampire's lair, which can be accessed via a secret passage behind the fireplace. A door also leads to it, hidden behind greenery. 

There is also a large living and dining room where vampires like to entertain their guests; a balcony overlooking the back. Then a top floor, as well as a roof terrace. 

Everything has been designed to be playable! Building beautiful things is one thing, building beautiful things for little and big kids is another :D

The set includes 8 figures, including the vampire countess and count, their butler, a villager, a vampire hunter, and two knights!

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I hope you will have as much fun playing with it, as I enjoyed making it.
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