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Death of the Green Goblin


This set is from where the Green Goblin tries to kill Spider Man but instead kills himself at the end of Spider Man(2002). I have a neat Mechanizm where if a mini figure lies down on the messed up boards then they fall.(See Picture 4) Spider man comes with a web that can attach to the Green Goblins Glider. The Green Goblin comes with 3 of his Pumpkin Grenades. It also comes with The Green Goblins Glider. Which is minifigure Scale so any minifigure can Stand or sit on it.

       This set comes with about 120 pieces including the mini figures. There is a hole in the middle of the wall just like the movie that either Spider man or Green Goblin can fall from. If this gets to 10 000 supporters then this could become a real set. Please support.



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