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Modern Space First Response Unit


In the year 30,157 A.B. (After Bionicle) Lego has finally colonized the known Milky Way Galaxy! In an ever expanding civilization, protection is needed from random alien threats! Fly across the galaxy in your Modern Space First Response Unit! Deploy the posable hyperdrive wings or fold them up for landing mode! Fire the hidden blaster bolts to knock out any threat you may come across, assemble your fleet and SAVE THE DAY!

This project is the joint accomplishment of leonardb1 and patrickdd1. The original concept for the ship was sketched to life by Patrick who just also happened to choose the classic space color scheme by accident. Leonard, an active AFOL, then built the ship to life in Lego form choosing to bring forward more of the classic space colors as well as adding some darker hues to try and get a more modern color palette. If there was one thing we could change to this build, it would be needing a trans-yellow cockpit windshield piece to match the rest of the ship. In all we both feel that this has been a very fun experience having never worked together on a project such as this. We are extremely happy with the end result and we hope some Lego fans will like it as well. 


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