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Off Road Ambulance

It is a beautiful morning up in the mountains and Jack is riding his brand new dirt bike on a 20-mile off-road trail. Suddenly his front tire hits a sharp rock and it punctures. Jack loses control and careens off a 20-foot ledge. Just before he loses consciousness he fumbles for his cell phone and dials 9-1-1. 10 minutes later a large off-road ambulance comes to his aid. 
Hey everyone! I built this off-road ambulance on Studio 2.0 by Bricklink. It has 248 total parts and features a large bay, an 8-stud-wide cab that seats two minifigures, a rubber dinghy with a motor, and also 4 minifigures: 3 EMT's and an unfortunate dirt biker.
While I'm here I want to say a very special thank you to all COVID-19 heroes. If you're a doctor, nurse, EMT, firefighter or police officer, make sure you tell me and I will support all of your builds if I have time. 

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