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Some delicious lego candy, just for the eyes though. I love cany I mean who doesn't so I decided to make some out of lego. The set consists of three pieces of candy: a chocolate bar, a lollypop and some sort of hard candy. The candy is about the same size. with the holidays coming up this would be the perfect gift for a stocking or just for display.

the build
the complete set has 315 parts, here is the individual info:
-chocolate bar 87 parts 16x6.9x3.4 studs
-lollypop 82 parts 15.6x5.6x6.6 studs
-hard candy 146 parts 18.2x8.4x8.9 studs

I love the holidays and candy so I decided to make some lego candy to have a nice display piece.

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