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SilverHawks Architecture Layout

SilverHawks Architecture Layout

Another 80's Cartoon layout inspired on the 3 iconic parts of this series!. 

Hawks Heaven "SilverHawks characters HQ" Based on an asteroid with a SilverHawk above it. The main base of this Galactic Heroes and the center of the layout. Quicksilver the lider of them and captain of the team. 

Moonstar "Moonstar Evil Base" Based on Brimstar planet the base of the enemy "Moa-Star". Which transport in a big red Calamari. Powered by the star above them. 

Hawks SpaceShip. "Main transport" Pilot by "BlueGrasss" the Cowboy with a Rainbow propulsion based on the Cowboy guitar notes makes the final part of this layout. 

I've been working on layouts that represent my favorite characters from my childhood. Great souvenir from the past implement with lego creativity. 

Hope you enjoy it. 

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