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CNC Machine Project


CNC machines are used to manufacture many complex components for industries big and small. A CNC machine is controlled by computers which means the process is extremely accurate. The computer compiles line of code in to coordinates. Which in turn move the tool to the location in 3D space to produce the part required.

My Lego CNC machine was based on multiple examples I saw on the internet, a picture of one such machine is included as an image attachment. Hopefully you can see the resemblance between my model and the image.  

The project is not just a pretty face either, there is a whole host of moving parts. That's why to show the project in all of its geeky glory I have included a link to a video of it working at the bottom of the page.

But first the pictures... Aside from the main image, the first attached file displays the door of the CNC machine in the open position, this leaves the machine tool and part being produced are on show to play with. The doors just slide open, the mechanism for this was created using bricks 4107761 (plate 1x2 slide) and 265326 (sliding piece 1x4). More on this in the video!

The second image displays the coolant nozzles. The nozzles are positioned around the back of the model and in a real machine would keep the part at an optimum temperature, provided lubrication and remove swarf... They are really important, hence why I included them.

The next image depicts the machine head with the chuck, holding the machine tool. The machine tool can rotate through 360 degrees (can be seen in video). The tool itself is made of part 74335 (the lever). This particular part allows the tool to more up and down. This can be seen in the video also.

Then we have the computer and the 'swarf only buckets'. The control pad for the computer is from the old tie-fighter set, however, is more appropriate then the traditional keyboard as CNC machine controls are hardwearing, large buttons. 

The final image of the machine shows the back. The tool head is connected to a shaft that runs horizontally, this allows the tool to move backwards and forwards. To see it in action... watch the video...!

Finally there is the minifigure. This dude has two heads, a concentration face and.. a panic face for when it all goes wrong. I will let you work out which one is which!

Please note the minifigure is a combination of multiple figures, however, none of the parts have been designed by me and are all existing Lego parts.  



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