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The Sound of Music Functional Music Box


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The hills are alive with the sound of music!

A displayable masterpiece, 'The Sound of Music Functional Music Box' is the perfect way for Sound of Music fans of all ages to fill their own lives with the sound of music. The unique elements of this box come together to bring the scenes and music from the movie to life. 

The Story:
The Sound of Music was an international hit on its release in 1965. The movie is based upon the true story of a woman named Maria who was hired by a retired captain living in Salzburg, Austria to be the governess of his seven children after his wife's death. Throughout the story, Maria gains the children's trust as she brings light into their lives through music. She even touches the heart of the captain who she marries towards the end of the film. The Sound of Music is a story that needs to be immortalized in Legos! 

This set allows the user to play a variety of songs with its working hand-cranked music box with a spinning brick-built Maria on top. Program the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 hub to emit different pitches when the individual sensors are pressed. With a virtually unlimited range of notes any song the user wishes can be played from the box! Simply plug the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 hub into your computer or PC and set the tone for each sensor.

The scenes along the box go in chronological order from right to left starting with the gazebo scene featuring Liesl and Rolf. The back mural depicts the rowboat scene where Maria and the children fall into the water after greeting the captain upon his return from Vienna. Finally, the left side depicts the concert scene which occurs at the end of the movie, in which the entire family performs the classics "Do-Re-Mi," "So Long, Farewell," and "Edelweiss." 

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This product idea is a collaboration between @PrettiestFreshCucumber, @PrettiestPaleBluebell, and @CutestHappyFood. All work is included with specific permission from all the collaborators. 

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