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Pumpkin Table Decoration, Autumn Themed, 1:1 Scale

Pumpkin Autumn / Fall Table Decoration, 1:1 scale.

What is better than an everlasting pumpkin decoration that you can build and customise yourself?

For this project I chose a variety of natural fruits and vegetables, built in 1:1 scale on a tray,
including: a pumpkin, a squash, pine cones and acorns, a rowan (mountain ash) branch full of red berries, mushrooms, three candlesticks for a nice warming aspect and a scattering of golden leaves.

You can place the decorations (the pumpkin, mushrooms etc.) by themselvs anywhere in the house by just detatching them from the base.

Further fun can be had with the pine cones, which are fully adjustable in their opened or closed presentations just like real cones which can be used to "predict the weather".

Designed using almost 1000 pieces, the dimensions are: 32 x 22 cm and no more than 15 cm high.

By: The Brick-Separator 3151 (#2/5) 🎃

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