Product Idea

Imagination Mobile Set

The entire purpose behind this project is to show appreciation to older classic and beloved fan-favorite Lego characters, as well as introducing them to a new generation of Legoteers (Lego lovers). In addition, it showcases the creativity of simple Lego sets back in the olden days.  For the cast, I separated each of them into four-groups.

Group 1/Mascotic: Factory Worker, Bob, and Max the Minifigure.

Group 2/The Big Three: Johnny Thunder (of Adventurers), Pepper Roni (from Lego Island), and Dash Justice (Alpha Team). 

Group 3/The Other Three: Tahu-Tao of Fire, Jack Stone, and Junkbot (from an old game).

And Group 4/Time-Jumping: Jet (Rock Raiders), Lord Vladek (Knights Kingdom II), and Professor Sam Rhodes (Atlantis). 

As for the cars, one is a big creative "imagination mobile" with a lot of references to other Lego themes on it. The smaller car on the other hand is just to be a cool little vehicle. Since this set is also suppose to encourage creativity, a photo shown (that comes with a board) displays what children can do with the pieces. Some of the extra objects in the set include money, dynamite, a skateboard, and an Ogel drone. The set also comes with four extra heads.